In with old….

I recently picked up the book “Rough Luxe” by Kami Lee at Chapters. (It was the beautiful cover that made me do it!) What a wonderful book! The author is an advocate for the authentic and the unpretentious. The book inspires the reader to embrace the imperfection in old pieces that was created over time by wear and tear. Lee reminds us how amazing it is to look at a piece of furniture and see the story of its journey over time. He also makes the bold statement that anybody with enough money can fill a house with expensive (and maybe even beautiful) stuff, but that it takes real confidence to make your house a reflection of your soul. To have a house where you say to visitors “make yourself comfortable” and mean it. I cannot agree more.

I always try to incorporate an antique piece or two into my designs-for all the above reasons. And of course nothing enhances a space like the raw beauty of real leather, linen, wood and stone. So, if you are looking for authentic and unpretentious, be sure to visit Legacy Vintage in Coburg, Ontario. One of my favourite places!

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