Classic with soul

What is it about Paris and reclaimed barn board that make us all go nuts about it? Ok, almost all of us. You know, that whole Restoration Hardware look we can’t get over? I have tried very hard over the years not to fall in love with everything they have to offer, but I am afraid it is to no avail! From their furniture to their catalogues to their store displays they just get it right time after time. I was in one of their stores the other day and could not keep my eyes off of the beautiful antique looking leather Ipad case the store attendant had. Finally she interrupted herself and said: “We do sell these you know!” Well, I should have known.

Embarking on a home build this year I have to ask myself though: Is this look timeless or trendy? (I vowed to stay classic in all my major choices!). Will I look back five years from now and wonder what I was thinking with the reclaimed barn board oven hood I then so loved? Or the burlap accent chair that all of a sudden look, well, just too burlappy? How do you build a house that isn’t just another beautiful house but instead one that has some soul to it? One that will stand the test of time and be a classic down the road while at the same time be inspiring and maybe somewhat trendy in the present? I am not quite sure yet how to achieve this but that is what I am aspiring to! Some of the classics I know for sure I will incorporate are marble in the kitchen and hardwood laid in a herringbone pattern, if the budget allows I might ad! Apart from that I am on the hunt for interesting old house parts I can incorporate in the design so my new house can have some history to it right of the bat. It will also make for some interesting conversations on the porch. . . oh, did I mention the covered porch?

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