Decorating on a dime

I am currently working on two spaces that need to be decorated on a very tight budget.¬†Of course we are still aiming for fabulous when we are done! With all our New Years resolutions in place I am sure many of you will embark, or at least plan to embark, on some kind of renovation or decorating project this year. If yours happens to be on a limited budget here is what I always suggest to clients:¬†Prioritize your purchases and invest in key pieces. For example, if you have to furnish a whole family room I would suggest you spend your dollars on the sofa/s. You will have these for a long time and they work really hard for you on a daily basis. Then be thrifty and clever when it comes to occasional tables, ottomans, shelving, storage solutions and even window coverings. Don’t think you need to accessorize the space in a day. Do it over time so you can buy things that have meaning or purpose and not just for the sake of having something “just for now”. And it is always good to have a jumping off point regardless of the budget. I usually fall in love with a piece of fabric and build the whole room around that. The inspiration piece may very well end up on just a few scatter pillows but it sets the stage for everything else in the room. Happy decorating!

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